Ambassadors Page 1


Sloan Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony

Jacob "Stitch" Duran

World famous cut-man! Been repping the 86ers since 2016

Mike Segura

Bellator Pro MMA fighter

Ilima Lei Macfarlane

Bellator MMA flyweight World Champion!

IG: @ ilimalei

Linton Vassell

Professional Light Heavy Weight MMA fighter with Bellator.

Matt Mitrione

Bellator MMA's Professional Heavyweight and Ex NFL Player

Yenitza Munoz

Model and TV Host of The SourceTV

Jaiden 2Fast

Amateur Boxer going Pro (working under Mayweather) and Rap Artist

Don Mcguire

Producer and on air host of The Fighter's Voice

IG: @6donmcguire6

Georgi Karakhanya

Russian Born Professional Featherweight Bellator MMA Fighter

IG: @ georgimma

Saad Awad

Nicknamed "Assassin". Professional Bellator Lightweight MMA Fighter

IG: @ saadawad

Tatiana Suarez Padilla

Fighting with UFC, Padilla is a 2x World Bronze Medalist in Freestyle Wrestling

Danny Pena

Nicknamed "The Shark" --This land animal is a Jujitsu BEAST, just try him.

Merry Tungka

Model and TV Host of The SourceTV