What are The 86ers?

The 86ers are a clothing brand based out of Southern California. We are an apparel company that provides stylish, casual clothing for both men and women on an exclusive e-commerce platform. The86ers.net is home to our hats, t-shirts, tank tops, joggers, and more.

From head to toe, we’ve got you covered, literally.

Featured on and supported by numerous Bellator and UFC MMA fighters, music artists across the USA, Maxim models, world-wide boxing champions, fashion designers and everyone in between.

Our message of inclusion no matter what race, background or belief our supporters have ignites the power within our clothing. Everyone who reps our signature logo has its own reason why our brand aligns with their story of life.


A Company with a Mission


The 86ers’ mission is to empower, embrace and uplift anyone that has ever felt like an outsider. We are a company with a passion for inclusion. We encourage anyone that has ever felt exiled or segregated for one reason or another to fight beyond their past and not let it hold them back.

Our clothing is our stamp of pride. The 86ers are here to stand together and help each other rise up from the ashes of past defeat. We are reborn with strength, confidence, and passion!



Standing Up with You


In order to succeed in life, we believe it’s important to give back and spread our message.

The 86ers brand pair with numerous non-profit programs. Our yearly “Fight Back” event, every November is in participation with The Salvation Army in which we provide clothing, food, and helpful resources to the community in need in the Los Angeles, CA area.

The 86ers have taken part in many youth enrichment programs, donation events for hurricane victims, partnerships with the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and much more.

We stand up for and with those who have had setbacks in life, those people who have an internal fire of greatness ready to be unleashed. The 86ers Brand is You, it’s Me, it’s the US.

We are an army of outsiders and we make apparel to honor your unconquerable spirit. Join us and fight back.